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EA SPORTS UFC Gameplay Series - Feel The Fight

691,824 views 1 month ago
In the second installment of EA SPORTS UFC's Gameplay Series we show you how our athletes feel the fight inside the Octagon.
Pre-Order: http://o.ea.com/20199

Feel the fight as the action, emotion, and intensity inside the Octagon are brought to life like never before. The next generation of MMA fighting begins spring of 2014 when the first EA SPORTS UFC game is released for the Xbox One and the PS4. Show less
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Madden NFL Plays of the Week Play

Plays of the Week makes its long-awaited debut in Madden NFL 25 to showcase the very best runs, catches, and defensive plays of the Madden NFL community. Make a one-handed catch in the corner of the end zone? Break four tackles on a 90-yard run? Prove it.

Show us your best plays by entering them at: http://bit.ly/ISiaQo
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