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Florida Plastic Surgeon, Dr Wigoda Answers: Saline or Silicone Breast Implants?

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Breast implants can be an exciting but also serious decision. Curious about which is better? South Florida plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Wigoda describes the difference between silicone and saline breast implants to help you choose the best one for your breast augmentation.

Saline is just saltwater and silicone is a type of a mushy gel. Each type of implant has its advantages and disadvantages which should be discussed during your breast augmentation consultations

The first issue to discuss is safety: They are both equally safe.

Second issue: How long will the implants last? There is about a 1% chance that an implant will break.

How they feel: This is something you will have to test during your consultation. In Dr. Wigoda's opinion - Silicone feels a little more natural and the Saline can sometimes feel a little harder.

Cost: Silicone gel implants are more expensive, averaging about $1,000 more per pair.

What if they deflate or break: Saline can tear causing the saline to leak out. Within days or weeks the breast will deflate and you will know the implant broke. With Silicon
you may not notice a difference. The only way to know is to get an MRI, we recommend you get one every three years.

Warranty: Ten years - doesn't matter which company you buy it from.

For more info about breast augmentation please go to Dr. Wigoda's website: http://www.drwigoda.com/pro...

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Florida board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Wigoda answers the most common plastic surgery questions from what questions to ask your plastic surgeon, comparing pricing of plastic surgeons to what the difference of cosmetic and plastic surgery is.

Dr. Wigoda believes that as a physician, he must do no harm. As such, it is very important to evaluate the general health of each patient to make sure that they are good candidates for whichever surgery they are pursuing. The safety of the patient is of utmost importance and takes precedence over anything else. Dr. Wigoda's goal is to keep his patients as happy as possible and to strive to do so in all instances.

More information about cosmetic surgery can be found on Dr. Wigoda's website: www.drwigoda.com/
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