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Good Morning America Discusses Eyebrow Transplant with Dr. Sanusi Umar

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Good Morning America discusses the popular trend of having fuller eyebrows and how to get those brows permanently the way you want. "If your eyes are the window to your soul, then your eyebrows are the frame," says Elisabeth Leamey of ABC news


Eyebrow transplant is one of the best ways to thicken emaciated, overplucked eyebrows that no longer grow in fully. As the eyebrows of Kim Kardashian and Brooke Shields become widely recognized as "in", women are coveting the same full arches for themselves. And daily eyebrow pencil applications aren't cutting it anymore.

The GMA segment features Dr. Sanusi Umar of Redondo Beach. He is a dermatologist and follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant expert who specializes in eyebrow restoration surgery. His unique uGraft technique sets him apart from other FUE surgeons; it enables him to safely harvest donor hair from non-traditional regions like the legs or nape of the neck. This makes for more aesthetically pleasing results in all FUE procedures—including eyebrow transplant.

Dr. Umar has used his signature uGraft to successfully restore the eyebrows of many women and men. One such patient, Pamela Pemrose, filled in her brows with pencil for 10 years. "It's a little embarrassing," she said, "It affects my self esteem." After her eyebrow transplant with Dr. Umar, she says they're exactly what she wanted. The same goes for patients Shannon Morrison and Sarah Tirosh.

It is also important to remember, as one of the Good Morning America anchors points out, that this procedure is not just cosmetic. It can be helpful for a number of medical ailments or afflictions that cause facial hair loss. If you are interested in FUE eyebrow transplant with advanced uGraft technology, contact Dr. Umar's office today. http://www.dermhairclinic.c... Show less
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