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Digital is natural

52,300 views 9 months ago
One advice before watching it: WATCH UNTIL THE END!
Did this happen any time to you? This is because technology is so natural, we get used to it quickly. But there are thousands of researchers who make it possible.
Meet some of them in the #ICT2013eu in Vilnius 6-9 November! Projects funded by the European Commission, DG CONNECT, will be present. Show less
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Must see in ICT!!! Play

Videos we came across and which are interesting and well explaning topics related to our Digital Agenda for Europe policies.

The Clikkers Play

One year with Granny, her family -The Clikkers- and Rodrigo to see some of the opportunities #ConnectedContinent brings to our lives!!!!
Digital technologies are not only the future, but the present.
Watch "The Clikkers" and you will see why!
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