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DAY 2 - SAINTS & SECRETS - Season 2 - DigVentures

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It's Day 2 and disaster strikes as the wind blows down the visitor tent. The team take refuge in the barn, where something from the future awaits... It's the new #DigitalDigTeam! Show less
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Flag Fen Lives 2012 Play

Raising over £27,000 from the public to excavate the internationally significant Bronze Age site of Flag Fen, boost visitors to the site, and create a worldwide community of archaeological enthusiasts, Flag Fen Lives stands as the world's first successful crowdfunded and crowdsourced excavation.

Our community of over 250 'venturer' volunteers from 11 countries supported the project on one of the world's most important Bronze Age sites, and we trained over 130 of them in archaeological field skills when they joined us on site for the 3-week dig (increasing visitors to Flag Fen by over 30% from the previous year in the process!).

We laughed, we cried, we learned, and we had an amazing time. And of course, Site Dog stole the show! Here's a day-bday selection of the videos we uploaded daily during the excavation.

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