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A training session

3,860 views 3 years ago
Rare footage of the Masters actually training.

It's 100+ degrees where I am and my AC is broken. I called out of work and am keeping hydrated. I had nothing to do, and I didn't have anything other TA fight in the works (that I actually planned on finishing anyway.) Consider this a teaser. Show less
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Tower of Despair (Arixyle/Devil) Play

Disclaimer: DevilAzite is not stealing videos from FlipUoFF or vice versa. We are sharing Arixyle's account for the test server for a while until Devil is able to enter it. We are working together to bring you floors 1-100 for the new tower, in which only one floor can be done a day. This let's us mix up varied play-styles which should show different (and our own) approaches to these extreme situations.
Test wiped, Go here for more Despair videos: /user/Somefool200

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