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Temple of Elemental Evil (Gameplay #1)

140,981 views 6 years ago
Troika's 2D isometric CRPG "Temple of Elemental Evil" (2003) (based on Gary Gygax and Frank Mentzer's classic adventure module) is easily one of the most faithful adaptations of the AD&D system to have been released on the PC so far. It features a very respectable game engine (similar but in many ways technologically superior to the one used in Bioware's much more well-known Baldur's Gate series), gorgeous 2D backgrounds and a great, slightly atypical soundtrack. Above all, though, it's the sophisticated turn-based combat system that makes TOEE one of the most rewarding and challenging CRPGS of recent years.

The original release of TOEE was famously plagued by a legion of bugs, but the efforts of a very enthusiastic and dedicated modding community (which is still active to this very day) have resulted in several unofficial downloadable fixes (most notably "Circle of Eight") that both removes bugs, adds new quests, tweaks the difficulty level and makes sure that the TOEE adheres even more faithfully to the AD&D 3.5 rules. In other words, "Temple of Elemental Evil" has just gotten better over the years...

Update (22/04/09): Check out the brand new TOEE clips for HD quality video and sound.

Update (15/10/10): TOEE was released on GOG as a DRM-free download for 6 USD.
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