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230 #NAILART | Water Marble Shout Out

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It's Water Marble Shout Out Time! Let me know your FAV? And keep the color combos COMING!!!!

How to Tape your Fingers: http://youtu.be/q1K29rbuXu4

Tips & Tricks on Water Marble: http://youtu.be/mFNGdYTu9JM

Products Used:

1st Design
Butter London - Slapper
francesca's - Lime Light

2nd Design
Paint Fab - Red Hot Mama
Paint Fab - Neutral Territory

3rd Design
OPI - Taupe-Less Beach
OPI -Isao Paulo Over There
CND Vinylux - Cream Puff

4th Design
CND Vinylux - Lilac Longing
CND Vinylux - Pink Bikini
Sally Complete Salon Manicure - Please Sea Me

5th Design
OPI - Amazon Amazoff
Sinful Shine - Dark Room
CND Vinylux - Cream Puff


1. Pour room temperature water into a disposable cup or a glass cup or even a shot glass, almost to the top. Open all bottles of polish and place them within reach. The reason you have your nail polishes ready is because you will have to work fairly quickly.

2. Drop one or two drops of polish onto the surface of the water. The nail polish should spread out and make a circle on the water. If it drops to the bottom without creating a circle on the surface, try a different nail polish. This color is your base color for the marble effect, meaning it will show the most. (Try not to hold your brush to high or the polish will drop to the bottom and also use a polish that is thin) FYI, thicker nail polishes tend to have problems spreading in the water.

3. Drop one or two drops of your second color of nail polish on top of your base color. It should create a smaller circle on top of your base color. (Another tip, if you polish doesn't spread easily you can also try to shake your cup or glass a bit to help the process)

4. Continue with each color that you would like to add to the effect. You can use many colors or you can use only two or three colors, repeating each color at least once in the same order.

5. Drag the tip of an orange stick/tooth pick/safety pin through the circles of polish to create the marble effect. Begin at the center and drag the tip toward the outer edge. Reverse this for more swirls.

6. Insert your nail. The nail polish will adhere to your nail.

7. Use a Q-Tip or an orange stick/tooth picks to remove the excess nail polish on top of the water. Carefully remove tape or use nail polish remover and cotton swabs to clean around your nail.

8. Wait for your nail to completely dry and apply a top coat.

This is both fun and creative and simple once you get the hang of it, I hope you enjoy this video, because I enjoyed making and sharing my skill with you.

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