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Daisy Rock Girl Guitars - What Makes a Girl Guitar?

215 views 2 months ago
Daisy Rock Girl Guitars not only look different, but they are carefully designed for females and take into account our obvious physical differences.

Interesting fact: Female hands, height and weight are on average about 10% less than our male counterparts. It is no coincidence that Daisy Rock Girl Guitar are designed with that in mind. Daisy Rock Girl Guitar necks are on average 10% narrower and thinner than traditional guitars. The weight and body size of our guitars are 10% less as well. It just makes sense.

We are built differently than men. Our clothes are cut differently. Our shoes are designed differently. Shouldn't our guitars be different, too?

Whether you are relaxing in your bedroom or taking the stage, Daisy Rock Girl Guitars are built specifically with YOU in mind.

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