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Dumb Idiot Ideas: Sonic Boom's Jungle-Badger Vs. Mario Kart 8's Mercedes Benz

12,881 views 1 month ago
Max and Bill have a chat about some interesting new characters coming to the Wii U. However, Max has an ulterior curiosity that may just ruin everything forever.

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Just Saiyan! Play

30 years ago in the pages of Shonen Jump, Akira Toriyama introduced the world to his martial arts manga series. Since then, it's spun off into an anime series spanning hundreds of episodes, over a dozen movies, mountains of merchandise, and an incredibly long list of video games. Join Max and Bill on their grand tour of these games, and watch as they discuss their favorite moments from the series and argue about completely pedantic minutiae that no grown men in their right minds should actually be concerned with.

E3 2014! All our coverage in one place! Play

It's that time of year again! The time when game publishers, developers, press, and mysterious business-guys in blazers and jeans flock to Los Angeles for a week of sensory overload at the Electronic Entertainment Expo! If you want all our coverage in one place, this playlist is it. One giant disgusting trough full of new trailers, gameplay, and excited shouting.

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Join Destructoid's editors every week as they assemble via Google Hangouts to discuss the goings-on in the video game industry.
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