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Uncle Jemima

Uncle Jemima's Spy Adventure 4 - Harvest

2,575 views 4 years ago
In this video, I'll mess around with the Dead Ringer and show one possible way of playing a KOTH map. 50% advice, 50% meaningless banter - 100% showing who is the boss. I don't have as many specific tips here because I think this video was more playstyle than anything else.

Apologies for the random blank at about 3 minutes. I rendered the movie five different times but eventually gave up. Don't complain! You're watching this for free. Show less
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TF2 Spy Adventures with Uncle Jemima Play

Go on a Spy adventure with me, Uncle Jemima! Each video contains an uncut replay of a round with commentary to help guide beginner to intermediate Spies and teach strategy beyond basic "How-To-Play" generalities. I'll highlight specific instances of good Spy play, as well as point out my mistakes that should be avoided. Pancakes will be served (in HD)!
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