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Crystal Star Studio

CSS Game Races: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Part 1

9,115 views 1 year ago
Hello everybody, SlimKirby and MegaFreak400 here, and welcome to a new CSS series, where we race through a game that we own. We've decided to race through Ocarina of Time, one of the most well-known Zelda titles, and a game that we are both pretty familiar with. Who will win? Who will lose? Stay tuned to find out!

Rules and Conditions:

1. No huge sequence breaking (all dungeons must be completed and accessed through the traditional, intended means).

2. Heart pieces and optional items are....well...optional. Much like the optionality of these items themselves, if either of us feel like the item will make us go faster and is worth the amount of time obtaining, we can go after them. Show less
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