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The title of this MMV comes from the combination of two words.
"Subconscious" and "Masochist".
The theme of the final round was very hard: "The editor behind the art".
This means that you need to answer to a question "Do you know who you really are?"
It would be easy to answer "yes."
It would be easier to try to impress the features that make you really "you"!
You'd end to make a simple biography?
Something that is common with the way in which all describe themselves.

No, I'm not so.
But I can express myself through the subconscious.
Showing, with a video, my nightmares, my dreams really existed when I sleep.


The guy is the personification of the "Madness", in me.
The "Madness" try to ruin all the other feelings present in my mind. Like with the "kiss of death" that he gave to the terrified girl, personification of "Innocence". Other feelings are personified by all other persons appearing in the video.
After that the "Madness" arrived in the land of the "love", where the hearts are hung like fruit trees. He run away from that place and gets caught by a boy, the "Courage". The "Courage" tries to smother and kill "Madness".
In the end, "Madness" is not killed, but is entangled with long straps. Imprisoned under its control.

"We are continuing fight against ourselves"
This is me.


Manga:Dogs Bullets & Carnage
Song: Jessica Kill / Happiness Machine

Dorin's AMV for the Last Round:

Alex's AMV for the Last Round:
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