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Concept Smoke Screen

Ducted Run Single Security Fog Generator

191,669 views 6 years ago
Because Concept Smoke Screen generators have a class leading particle size of the fog that they produce, they are the only system that can be effectively ducted without the risk of residue.

You need a small particle size otherwise as the fog particles collide in the tube, they will form droplets.

This technique can be used to protect multiple rooms with one generator, or to provide multiple outlets to confuse thieves.

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Rapid Deploy Adverts Play

The two versions of the Rapid Deploy advert.

One Cheesy "Faster than tea"
One Dramatic

Talks on security fog generators Play

Introductions to the techniques and products used by Concept Smoke Screen to protect property from raids and burglaries.

Warehouse Security Smoke Systems Play

This playlist has some applications of security smoke generators in huge warehouses.

One is in a high value clothing distribution warehouse.

The other is a massive stockholding of consumer electronics
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