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Gabe JK

Hovercraft Project

7,568 views 6 years ago
EDIT: Wow, so much nostalgia looking back at this video. This was the first video I ever made. I used a Flip video camera for filming and Windows Movie Maker for editing. I also preformed my first all-nighter editing this video. And I'm very proud of this video.

3 future engineers that are almost out of high school have joined forces to make one hovercraft...

Yeah, this is the final product for the Contemporary Physics Project we had. It's a little video about building a hovercraft.
The video is a Mythbusters parody.

"Mythbusters Theme Song"
"Clubbed to Death" by Rob Dougan
"Jerk it Out" by the Caesars

Some of the names were cut off during the end credits. Show less
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