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Tennis lessons in Atlanta GA at http://CoachVtennis.com
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Tennis Lessons: Core Basic Skills for Tennis Play

This video collection by http://CoachVtennis.com CoachV
This collection of videos will help you learn all the necessities of playing better tennis fast and Simple.

If you have any questions or want to learn more.
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Fore Tennis Lessons 1 on 1, or Group Session Contact me at CoachVtennis.com

The WORST Tennis Lessons & Coaching on youtube...and what i can find Play

collected here is the worst tennis instruction coaching and tips I can find. Send me a link if i missed something. Comment on the videos and let me know what you think about them and if they should be there.

What Makes them Bad goes beyond the fact that the info will destroy your tennis strokes forever.
Included in this LIST will also be:
* Outdated info
* The coach's Inability to preform the skill, tip or technique the coach or instructor demonstrates
* PIG LATIN TENNIS Terms, old tennis terms that make no sense to beginners or ordinary people out side of old tennis players
* inconsistent points, or too much emphasis on pointless details
* Monetize with Ads that take too long to get to a tip
* Videos that are too long and don't get to the tip that works right away. & the tip is bad ( watch out #FYB )
* Video plain $ucks

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