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Hazel & Augustus :: All your perfect imperfections [The Fault in Our Stars]

408 views 3 weeks ago
Can you believe I'm uploading a video? It's been a lot of time, I know. My laptop was broken and my left hand was injured really bad, I couldn't make videos. Buuut, good news! My hand is perfectly fine right now, my laptop is working again (I spent like three days trying to download the damn sony vegas) and I'm on summer breaak!
Well, If I'm totally honest, I also had a break from Youtube because Twilight finished. I still LOOOVE Twilight and RK so much and actually, that fandom was the reason why I signed in Youtube in the first place. And even though it has finished, you don't need to worry, I'm not planing on quitting Youtube any time soon. Twilight made me realise how much I like editing videos and I don't wanna stop now:')
What can I say about the video? First of all, I read The Fault in Our Stars a lot of months ago, before it was as popular as now and I loved it. It's a beautiful love story and everyone should read it. I haven't seen the movie yet. Can you believe it? I live in Spain and they haven't released the movie here yet. I can't wait to see it, I'm sure I will end up crying like there's no tomorrow lol I also wanted to say that I'm not good putting voiceovers in my videos but I did my best, I hope y'all like it:)
If you want more TFIOS videos from me, tell me and maybe I will make more.
PS: If you have read this looong description you deserve a cookie. So if by any chance, any of you is reading this. Tell me wich fandom or wich celeb would you like to see in my next video. I have some ideas but I need more and more. I'm on summer break so I have a lot of free time!
PS2: I deleted my last TFIOS video because it was way too bad. I didn't like it, I like this video a lot more. I hope you understand.

I'm glad to be back... again! Leave a like if you liked the video, it means the world to me:'D

- Claudia

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Song: All of me - John Legend
Software: Sony Vegas Pro 10
Fandom: The Fault In Our Stars
Edited by Claudiia828
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