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The Fifth Element - 8 Bit Cinema

93,674 views 1 week ago
CineFix presents The Fifth Element retold via old-school 8-bit - and a little 16 bit ;) - game tech. No quarters or controllers required! Subscribe to CineFix - http://goo.gl/9AGRm

8-bit Cinema "gamifies" your favorite Hollywood Blockbusters into 80's arcade and NES inspired action!

Today we present The Fifth Element in the form of an 8 bit video game!

8 Bit a.k.a. the third generation of gaming started in 1983 with the Japanese release of the Nintendo Family Computer and Sega. Can you guess what games inspired our 8-bit version of The Fifth Element? Comment below and suggest the next movie 8-bit Cinema should "gamify".

Watch more 8-bit Cinema here: http://goo.gl/kOxFJ

Comment below and tell us what film, movie, or TV show you would like to see gamified. Show less
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