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The Sims 3 Love Story - Romeo and Juliet

37,885 views 1 month ago
Hello simmers and i really hope you like this video because it tokk me quite some
time... hope you have an amazing week aswell, i pronunce Juliet wrong
i know that but, hey! im a swedish guy you know ^^

This is the forbidden love between Romeo and Juliet, Inspierd by Taylor Swifts
song love Story :)

wanna say a huge thank you to Lizzie who played the female voice for
Juliet couldn't do this without you...

wanna say thank you to all other simmers that joined my audition here are
a list of everyone that joined my audition..

Ashley de Wit

i hope i didn't Miss anyone, if i did.. let me know :)

i think its a nice, unique idea to bring you guys into the video itself
let me know what you think aswell :)

more videos coming soon, stay tuned...

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Tumblr: http://chrillsims3.tumblr.com/

thank you for watching dont forget to support chrill with a like and a comment in this video :) ...

"My Job is to make your Sims happy"

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