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Cry Abridges: The First Arc of Okami [P1-18]

153,023 views 2 weeks ago
Playthrough : http://www.youtube.com/play...

I have been told numerous times of people who want to be up to date on things, but feel overwhelmed by the amount of videos they would need to watch in order to get up to date on such things.


You lose a lot of fun moments, but are caught up entirely with the story and everything of importance that is needed to continue with the game/playthrough if you wish to join me.

Because this game deserves some love, man.

Note: Some things may be a bit out of order, and other things may be false information. But dammit if it doesn't give you the idea well enough.

Hope you guys are okay with that!

Because this 10ish minute video took me roughly seven hours to make, from the scripting to the recording to the video splicing. Going through 15 hours of gameplay and 10 hours of video into such a small bundle is a lot harder than you'd think, man.

Okay! Well then! I'm bouncin'! So hopefully if you haven't been up to date with Okami, this will inspire you to do so now. The game was a slow start, I understand that. But it's picked up a lot more since the first episode, and it'd be a shame not to give it a proper chance.

Have a good one. :D

Music by Okami OST / Datakrash - Buddah, Dr. No, Moneybag, Heroes, 2 Fingre / and Electric Joy Ride - Power-up : https://www.youtube.com/wat... (Last one provided by Tasty Network) Show less
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