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Tineke Postma & Greg Osby: new album (KICKSTARTER PITCH VIDEO)

1,789 views 9 months ago
Support the new album of Tineke Postma & Greg Osby on Kickstarter: http://bit.ly/TinekeGregNEWCD (campaign lasts till November, 18)

Two saxes: legendary Greg Osby (USA) & noted Tineke Postma (NL) present their own compositions ft. international band!

"Energetic and adventurous modern jazz cooperative"

The USA jazz star Greg Osby and noted Dutch saxophonist Tineke Postma both alt and soprano saxophone players join forces to create a gem album featuring their own compositions. In this album Osby's modern energetic, electric and acoustics conceptual music meets the melodic European influences of Tineke. The line-up is spiced with modern jazz and Indian rhythms of the drummer Dan Weiss, improvisation master pianist Matt Mitchell and a young bass virtuoso Linda Oh. The union of minds, concepts and visions on this CD guarantees to yield stellar results.

Walking new roads is a key for the self-development, believes Tineke. This album is a next step in her music career showing her new sides and passions. After the last 10 years of the intensive work in the international jazz scene it is only logical to release an album with her once-upon-a-time mentor legendary Greg Osby featuring some of the best international jazz musicians.

What makes this album special:

This project works with surprising contrasts although all the musicians on this album are all one family of creators:

- There will be many features with two altos and two sopranos. A recording with two soprano saxophones has almost never been done; it's pretty uncommon.
- Intriguing mix of the male/female ingredients from Greg and Tineke. Times have changed, jazz is not anymore a male dominated music style.
- Greg was Tineke's mentor once, now Greg admits they are peers and he has a lot to learn from her.
- It is a multicultural project uniting the greatest young musicians from the NYC scene, the Netherlands and Australia. Every musician in this group with his/her cultural background will have an equal input. It's a true cultural exchange in knowledge, approaches and concepts.


- This is the first album of Tineke in the last 3 years and for the first time she records as a co-leader (with Greg Osby)
- You will hear the new musical developments of Tineke influenced by her long stays in NYC and performances with great artists of the USA jazz scene.
- This CD will contain hip, modern, groovy music
- This group is visually very interesting on stage. Tineke's great energy with Greg's amazing appearance and genius musical playing will be striking and show that the unapproachable, distant and aloof "jazz" image is a thing of the past. Show less
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