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Melodyne: Sound design for drums

1,449 views 3 weeks ago
One of the big advantages of Melodyne is that -- opposed to a sampler -- you can edit pitch and formants in different ways. This is very useful for extreme drum sounds, e.g. if you tune several elements of your loop way up and move the formants way down to give it a strange electronic sound. Another example: You can get crazy resonator and filter effects if you switch from the percussive to the melodic algorithm and move the formants up and down during playback.

These are only two examples how to use Melodyne as FX tool for your drum loops, more can be found in our new video tutorial ...

More Melodyne videos: http://www.youtube.com/user...

More about Melodyne: http://www.celemony.com Show less
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Melodyne tutorials Play

Get the most out of Melodyne. Be inspired by these creative tips and tricks. Learn from the pros.

Melodyne and vocals Play

Vocal editing in practice -- easy when you know how: Our video tutorials make editing vocals with Melodyne more accessible. See also: http://www.celemony.com/id/feature_vocals

Melodyne and drums Play

Melodyne is not just about vocals. These videos will provide you with know-how and suggestions as to how best to edit drums, percussion, beats and loops with Melodyne. See also: http://www.celemony.com/id/feature_drums

Melodyne and sound design Play

Melodyne is best known as a high-quality vocal pitch correction tool, but it is also the perfect audio editor for anything sound design. Melodyne allows you to intervene with great precision in the sound and timing of the musical events that make up your audio material -- so it offers unique possibilities for the refashioning of voices, sounds and noise. See these videos for tutorials, pro advice from Melodyne users, tips and tricks.

The complete sound design feature can be found on the Celemony website:

Melodyne backstage (English) Play

Melodyne tech talk: the Celemony staff talks about the technology behind Melodyne, DNA Direct Note Access, ARA Audio Random Access, 64-bit systems etc.

Melodyne backstage (German) Play

Melodyne tech talk: Das Celemony-Team spricht über die Technologie hinter Melodyne, DNA Direct Note Access, ARA Audio Random Access, 64-Bit-Systeme etc.
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