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Bo and Lauren // Here With Me

4,320 views 1 month ago
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Song: Here With Me
Artist: Robot Koch feat. Susie Suh

Yet another Bo and Lauren vid but I can't help it I just love them so much!! I'm missing Lost Girl a lot too so this helps. Hope it helps anyone else with the hiatus :) So with this vid I just tried to focus on the distance between Bo and Lauren in season 4 and how, despite that, they still were apart of each others lives and were still there for each other. The last vid I made I tried to show some of their dysfunction and how they don't work sometimes but they still have chemistry. With this vid I wanted to show why they do work and the chemistry they have in those moments. I think I did a better job with this than with their dysfunction in the last vid. Idk why my vids are always from Bo's POV...I guess I just understand her better than Lauren. I still love Lauren don't get me wrong I just don't understand where she's coming from sometimes. Anyway enough rambling I bet no one even reads my ranting descriptions I always put on my vids. So enjoy the vid and if you got this far you're my new best friend ;) The code word is Huzzah! :P Show less
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