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† RWBY Theme: This Will Be The Day † 「KY0UMI」

11,842 views 1 week ago
Hello everyone again and WELCOME BACK TO ANOTHER VIDEO!
It's been almost a year since RWBY began and so I thought that this video would be fitting for the 1 year anniversary of RWBY. ^^
It's really been a year since I last did this song and looking back I can see that I've came a long wayand I do hope that I can continue what I'm doing for the years to come. ^w^

This song was sung by my good friend KY0UMI who did an amazing job on this cover. ^w^
She is a really nice and outgoing person and I do hope to work with her in the future. Please visit her channel if you haven't already and give her hugz. \(^w^)/
If you don't......
Then we are going to have some problemz 0-0


She has a lot of videos and content so pwease visit if you can!

I do hope that you all enjoy and hopefully there will be more videos to come soon. ^_^

This Will be the Day - RWBY
Mixing/Vocals: KY0UMI
Video: CDanielART
Lyrics and Original: Jeff and Casey Williams

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