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EVE Online: Rubicon Cinematic Trailer

576,893 views 5 months ago
EVE Online: Rubicon thrusts players into an epic moment in the sci-fi MMO's history, empowering them to defy the Empires and seize greater control of their universe.

Combat pilots will experience guerrilla-style warfare, warp changes, and ship rebalancing that shakes up the theater of war.

Explorers and industrialists gain new ships, mobile structures, and the ability to control hi-sec customs offices, opening up new opportunities for adventure and profit.

Meanwhile, mysterious Ghost Sites are being discovered, hacked, and raided -- despite Empire directives that forbid tampering with these illicit sites.

Visit trial.eveonline.com today and join the immortal pilots of New Eden as they breach political and territorial boundaries in their inevitable rise to power.

EVE Online: Rubicon. There's no turning back.

For more features and expansion information, visit http://eveonline.com/rubicon
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