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CCHR: Psychiatry—Labeling Kids with Bogus 'Mental Disorders'

1,199,351 views 3 years ago
http://www.cchrint.org/psyc... 20 Million Kids & Adolescents are labeled with "mental disorders" that are based solely on a checklist of behaviors. There are no brain scans, x-rays, genetic or blood tests that can prove they are "mentally ill", yet these children are stigmatized for life with psychiatric disorders, and prescribed dangerous,life-threatening psychiatric drugs. Child drugging is a $4.8 billion-a-year industry. Get the facts about this multi-billion dollar industry that is labeling and drugging kids for profit.
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CCHR: Psychiatric Critics & Experts Play

CCHR Commissioners (advisors), include medical doctors, whistleblowers, psychiatrists and psychologists who speak out against psychiatric abuse, violations of personal liberty and freedoms committed by the mental health practitioners and violations of informed consent all committed under the guise of mental health. CCHR is a non-political, non-religious mental health watchdog which has helped enact more than 150 laws and patient rights protections since it was founded in 1969.
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