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Cam Capone

Cam Capone "It's On" (New Music 2014)

6,548 views 2 months ago
Cam Capone releases his first new song in 2014, called "It's On".This song will be featured on a mixtape to be named and released later this year. Don't forget to subscribe and hit the thumbs up.

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(1st verse Cam Capone)
Pull up to the function in a new whip
G leanin' then leaving with a new bitch
Plus the whole hoods right here Bridge City
Doing big shit and they do it big with me
Thats boss shit stuntin' in a cockpit
Rolling this mutha fucka when i make the cops sick.
Haters nauseous, no they can't stop this
We treat the club like the block, rock it
My dawgs ready if you step in my region
Thats why i hear these haters and never see them
tires screechin' it's west season
With a car full of bad bitches when I'm leaving
I'm high with your bitch through lanes weavin'
Bring her back to the pad and then I ease in
I got these hoes yelling like a cali vacation
Now that what i call Californication

(hook Cam Capone)
Uw you know how i do
Turnt the fuck up when i come through
Uw we ain't never stopping
Hustle or die is my only option (n)
It's on it's on again
It's on it's on again
It's on it's on again
It's on it's on again

(2nd verse Cam Capone)

Night time locs on my seat back
If it ain't about money you can keep that
I'm about that cali life style
Gang bangin' dope slangn' while we on trial
And that how shit goes down
Fast chick fast whips won't slow down
Money talks the language I'm speaking
And I'm a spend these stacks all weekend
I'm faded, more shots on the way
More bad bitches and they ready to play
Drinks up, shots high, Patron up to the sky
Get get get getting it til I die
attitude like I wish a hater would try
Lead fly the same day like a red eye
No games homie better stay in his lane
I do this for the streets man fuck the fame

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