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Welcome to the BygMan's Channel

399 views 1 year ago
Welcome to my channel, stay a while, laugh, and be derped!

My streams: www.twitch.tv.bigfattyplus

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Tomb Raider Anniversary (PC - US) Play

As a (late) birthday gift to my mother, I am playing one of her favorite games (she is a HUGE Tomb Raider fan). And this will be as close to a 100% run as I can (barring impossible time trial runs). And yes, I will be dying a lot.

98% Blind Play w/walkthrough

Area 51 (PC - US) Play

Today, Mulder gets fired from the FBI and instead gets to work for Hazmat and his first job is at AREA 51! Of course, his first day on the job goes to Hell in a handbasket.

Semi-blind Play

Planescape Torment (PC - US) Play

We are kinda dead, have a novel carved into our back, we are missing an important journal, and we have a snarky floating skull following us around. Yes, this LP is gonna be strange...

(Blind Play w/walkthrough)
(req. by Bormac)
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