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Welcome to BRStv

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Here at BRStv we work hard to help reefer's to have the best tanks. We release a variety of different shows on our YouTube channel with skill levels that range from super easy to complex, on many different topics like water changes, aquascaping, and how to projects.

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Neptune Systems Apex Controller Overview Play

Saltwater Aquarium Filtration Play

Today on BRSTV, we begin a new series called Aquarium Filtration. This first episode simplifies the Nitrogen Cycle that occurs when starting a reef tank, discusses the bacteria necessary to help cycle the ammonia produced from organic material and finally, considers the different methods and products to help cycle your saltwater aquarium easily and effectively.

Selecting Fish and Corals for Your New Reef Tank Play

In this series, we continue to explore what makes a successful new reef tank. Learn about reef safe fish, low maintenance corals as well as proper feeding and care for fish and corals.

Aquarium Testing, Controllers and Backup Solutions Play

This series for BRStv talks about saltwater aquarium testing and testing kits, monitors like pH and ORP and full system controllers. Each item has its role in the reefing hobby and can make the maintenance associated with reefing much easier. Learn about what tests you should be conducting regularly as well as what inexpensive pieces of aquarium equipment can assist in your success. We discuss the Top Ten Tank Failures and the ways to create redundancy to avoid these disasters. And finally, what you can do to protect your tank in the case of a power outage.

Coral Propagation Play

In this series for BRStv, we discuss coral propagation. Episode 1 explains how you can profit from setting up your own coral propagation tank. Episode 2 and 3 are "How to" videos on setting up a frag tank for soft corals, anemones and polyps and a frag tank with sump for stony or SPS corals.
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