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How to Make a Custom Outdoor Firepit -- Buildipedia DIY

7,147 views 1 year ago
Read the full How-To: http://buildipedia.com/go-g...

Find out, step-by-step, how to make a firepit for your backyard or patio by using a salvaged metal stove. Show less
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Everyday DIY with Jeff Wilson Play

How-to videos for home improvement, remodeling, renovation, and repair with Jeff Wilson. This series of DIY videos will guide you through many common projects.

For more of Jeff Wilson, visit http://buildipedia.com/at-home/jeff-wilson-everyday-diy-blog­.

{Re}habitat by Rachael Ranney Play

Learn how adaptive reuse and upcycling can elevate the style of your home with {Re}habitat. Host Rachael Ranney shows you how to repurpose salvaged and found stuff, adding fun and function to your place for little to no $.

How to do it in 60 Simple Seconds Play

A series of one-minute DIY videos. These how-to videos are simple projects (fixing a leaky toilet, cleaning and sealing grout, hanging a new door) that anyone can tackle with a few basic tools and a little sweat, brought to you by Buildipedia.com.

To see more, visit http://buildipedia.com/videos.

Custom Bathroom DIY Play

Build a custom bathroom with help from our tutorials. Host Jeff Wilson shows you how to install a toilet, sink, shower, and fixtures and how to tile. For more on bathrooms, visit http://buildipedia.com/at-home/bathroom.
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