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Build Patterns

Patterns - A 3D Sandbox Building Game & Creative Space from Linden Lab

13,627 views 1 year ago
Learn more at: http://www.buildpatterns.com

Here's what the gaming press are saying about Patterns:

"Patterns is...a great deal like Minecraft on acid." - Kotaku

"Patterns is a Minecraft-esque 'break things and build with them' type of game that adds more varied geometry and a physics engine to the mix." - PC Gamer

"Patterns is focused on an experience not dissimilar to Minecraft but with a heavier focus on creativity." - Joystiq

"More realistic object physics and complexity [than Minecraft]. Also, triangles." - G4TV

With simulated physics and gravity, Patterns offers a new twist on 3D multi-player sandbox building games. Create your very own 3D universe, complete with powerful crafting tools, surprising shapes (triangles, anyone?), crazy creatures and even explorable planets

Harvest and build with friends a variety of substances including ice that slides, fruit that bounces and materials that levitate. Whether you're building bridges to traverse chasms or towers that reach high into the sky, Patterns is your universe to shape. Show less
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Developer Updates Play

Learn about the latest updates -- direct from the Patterns development team at Linden Lab.

Gameplay and Player Tips Play

Watch gameplay footage and learn more about creating your own universe in Patterns.
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