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N/A Brummbaer

Where in the Universe is Timothy Leary?

5,014 views 1 year ago
An 8 minute trip through a fractal universe, looking for Timothy Leary, who once again has escaped the orbit trap. He can't be caught, but is easily found in the bar at the end of the universe. Michael Horowitz, Tim's friend and archivist writes:
"Brummbaer's video is brilliant. One of the greatest pieces of psychedelic video I've ever seen, perfectly attuned to the question it tries to answer--that cannot be answered, but Brummbaer comes as close as an artist can with astonishing imagery always in motion.
The overall effect is the creation of a visually poetic narrative that suggests the universality of Tim Leary's psychedelic quest."
The video was created in 3 months using Mandelbulb 3D, 3D Studio Max, editing and tracking software. The sound was created in collaboration with "Starseed Music", whose music I used, and who did the final sound edit. Show less
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