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New business opportunities - what's your big idea?

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Do you have a new business idea that you need help with? We can provide continued advice and support for local businesses. Become a member of you're local Chamber of Commerce and you can gain access to a number of additional services. We have negotiated exclusive services with leading organisations to bring you support and help save you money. Find out more here http://www.britishchambers....

Video Transcript:

Are you well connected?...... It was a normal day at work... when suddenly I had a big idea.... So I quit my job and went out on my own, that's when it hit me, I had lots of questions and no one to ask, then I met my local Chambers of Commerce. The Chamber helped me meet other like- minded people and they introduced me to potential customers and others who helped me set my business up.

Chamber discounts saved me money at a crucial time and when business was booming, my local chambers helped me find a solicitor, premises and suppliers... they also helped when I recruited my first employees and helped raise my company profile, when I had questions about taking my business global my local chamber helped me meet the right people....and get support worldwide. As the business grew our challenges changed but my Chamber membership meant that I had a national voice and helped me see the bigger challenges and opportunities that might come our way.

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As a Chamber member you're well connected.

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