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BrainScratch Commentaries - Opening #2

222,625 views 3 years ago
BrainScratch Comm's second opening, this time with all of our featured guests so far! Now with new and updated logo! Better music! Better editing! It's all around better than the first one! Especially since we have actual fans now. Ain't that swell? Show less
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Crash Bandicoot 2 *In Progress* Play

Watch and be amazed as Lewis endeavors to collect every single Crystal, every single Gem, and every single delicious piece of tropical MacGuffin in this ten-part epic journey of one marsupial on a mission to save the world from backtracking into the camera. And a mad scientist with a mind-control ray, I guess.

Shantae *In Progress* Play

Risky Boots has stolen the Steam Engine, and Shantae, a half-genie, half-human, is tasked with getting it back. Now Dance.
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