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Minecraft - PC - Wulfieh Introduces me to MINECRAFT!!

498 views 1 week ago
Minecraft - PC - Wulfieh Introduces me to MINECRAFT!!

I've been avoiding this monster of a game for years now... Finally, someone convinced me to fucking try it! I had no idea there was so much to it!!

If you'd like to join the nextgengta.com Minecraft server, here is the IP: And you will need to email Wulfieh at nextgengtacraft@gmail.com to be placed on the white list!

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Game Recording: HD PVR 1212
Video Editing: Sony Vegas 11

This is my first time playing through this game (on PC!) If i suck at the beginning it's because IT'S MY FIRST TIME PLAYING THROUGH THIS GAME!, If i suck at the end, it's because I suck at the game! Either way, hater comments = block! (you dicks)

Please visit:
& http://www.gtamissions.com

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