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Bonefish Grill

Catching Tim Curci Play

Join Tim Curci, Founder of Bonefish Grill as he travels the globe in search of the people, towns and fishing holes that provide Bonefish Grill with its amazing menu choices. In this first webisode series, follow Tim to the Forgotten Coast of Apalachicola Florida where he goes deep for Grouper, finds the best local dives, and even tries his hand at Oyster Farming.

Notes From The Road Play

Notes from the Road is taking viewers deep into the terrain of the touring musician. It's backstage admission and tour bus access all in one, broadcast weekly from the chill ambiance of a Bonefish Grill restaurant.

While Bonefish Grill plays host, Notes from the Road -a new, live music series- will give an intimate, insider's look at an artist's life on the road, in the bus, at the hotel, backstage and on stage.

For eight episodes, in eight Bonefish Grill locations across the country, artists are taking to the stage for live performances, and sitting down to give the inside dope on life on the road. Each hour long episode is a personalized, documentary style snapshot of the individual artist experience - the career highlights, inspiration, introspection. The stories that haven't been told. Each week, it's a new artist and a new insight.

Ovation TV, the arts cable network, and XM Satellite Radio, will air and broadcast the series respectively, partnering up with Bonefish Grill to showcase some exceptional talent. The series airs Thursday nights August 7 through October 5, 2008.

And the Notes from the Road venue isn't just for musicians. Each episode will profile Ocean Trust, the environmental foundation devoted to the conservation of our oceans. $10,000 per episode will be donated to Ocean Trust, in the name of that week's artist. The money will go towards the organization's ongoing research and focus on sustainability.
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