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CYNE - Avians - 2014 [Free Download]

62,055 views 5 months ago
CYNE ARE BACK! I been bumping this for the past month just waiting to get the ok to post it! From the album All My Angles Are Right

"Avians" single DOWNLOAD: https://soundcloud.com/cyne...
Pre-order "All My angles Are Right" now: http://bit.ly/AMAARPRE
"All My angles Are Right" promo video: http://youtu.be/Vx39IDiT3RE

All My angles Are Right - 2014

01. Attics
02. Avians
03. Tears For Uriah
04. Sunglasses After Midnight
05. Fine Prints
06. In Between Kingdoms
07. Ancient Audio
08. Plato's Cave
09. Poison
10. Carousels
11. Null
12. Heaven Is A Hologram
13. Spaces
14. Embers
15. Firefights Show less
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