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Andrew Evenstar

Ae2k14 mercs promo 1 ~ riorio x mi-neko

865 views 4 weeks ago
players: riorio11-mint & mi-neko

this is the very first work ive done on the vid. respect to both players who have always respected me treated me with kindness.

If you are a friend of mine and want to be in the vid, please send me your 3 best videos, which have to be high quality and in the last year. if you want a personalized picture / intro vid, please send it to me.

contact me on steam, skype, twitter, or youtube messaging.

aevenstar at biohazardmercenaries [dot] com

both world records in this video beat my own :)

I've already made the best mercs video and i'll make this one even better. Show less
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