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Bio Microbics

Bio-Microbics Company Profile Video

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Ideal for Residential/Commercial Applications and Water Reuse Systems:

As a global leading manufacturer of decentralized wastewater, septic system enhancements, and stormwater systems products, Bio-Microbics has decades of real world operating history with more than 45,000 installations in over 60 countries.

Through a worldwide distributor network, Bio-Microbics has been recognized as a leader in exporting our decentralized equipment with receiving the 2011 KS Exporter of the Year Award and the 2012 President’s “E” Award for Excellence in Exports.

Bio-Microbics FAST® and BioBarrier® Membrane BioReactors are designed for new/existing residential development to high-strength commercial and municipal capabilities. Whether in a residential setting or commercial property, these innovative, decentralized treatment systems are operating right now. Unnoticed. And that’s just the way we like it.

Bio-Microbics has had a number of firsts to its credit and throughout its history:

-- The FAST® treatment technology was first used on marine applications.

-- The FAST® systems were the first to get certified for residential use and general permitting for Nitrogen Reduction throughout many States.

-- The BioBarrier® MBR was the first system certified for residential water reuse applications by the NSF International organization.

Bio-Microbics has developed a number of innovative products, some of which have revolutionized methods of dealing with the treatment of sewage on sites – where infrastructure and drainage was and is not available.

With a worldwide emphasis on environmental concerns and improving water quality, our pre-engineered, pre-packaged, certified, “Fixed Integrated Treatment Technologies” (FITT®) are the result of decades of real world operating history and proven results that offer significant environmental benefits…FITT® for the Purpose Intended. Show less
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