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Why Do People Laugh At Creationists? Play

A series of videos uploaded by Thunderf00t on Astronomy, Physics, Paleontology, Biology, and Evolution, and also, on the continuing controversy between science, evolution, and creationism. Thunderf00t may add more videos to this series. So, please do keep coming back. Thank you.

The Foundational Falsehoods Of Creationism Play

A series of 17 videos uploaded by AronRa about the controversies between Evolution and Creationism.

Edward Tarte Ex-priest - Why He Left The Catholic Church Play

About Edward Tarte: Age 77, math teacher retired from classroom teaching, now self-employed as a private math tutor. He lives near Houston, Texas. His hobbies are music and chess. He invites you to visit his website at - http://edwardtarte.blogspot.com - - As a young adult, he was a seminarian and then a Catholic priest, for a total of twelve years. He's now an atheist who now deeply regrets those twelve years as largely wasted years. Some of the reasons that he now make religious videos are: He wants to make up for those twelve years. He values truth and rational thought. He sees much harm and evil coming from religious faith. He's convinced that, as rational thought increases and faith recedes, our human species will evolve in better directions, and he wants to contribute to that evolution.
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