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Berklee College of Music

Osiris Fire, "Shacklebreaker" - Live from Berklee 160 Balcony

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Osiris Fire performs "Shacklebreaker" live from Berklee 160 Balcony.


OSIRIS FIRE frontman Itamar Edelman combines influences from his reggae-rich hometown of Ithaca, New York (the birthplace of John Brown's Body and 10 Ft Ganja Plant), with the heavy bass and electronic sounds of the Boston underground hip-hop scene to create an original genre-defying sound. Bassist Camilla Charlesworth and roots powerhouse Alex Roderick round out the group, which released a self-titled politically charged EP in January to a growing fan base. OSIRIS FIRE shows are known for explosive energy, ethereal improvisations, and a deep groove set to evoke the heart beating within.

Itamar Edelman: guitar,voice
Craig Hill: tenor sax
Ryan Stanbury: trumpet
John Egizi: trombone
Rob Krahn: trombone
Alex Roderick: organ, keyboard
Chris Chaloff: guitar
Camilla Charlesworth: bass
Frankie Leroux: drums

Recorded live at 160 Massachusetts Avenue balcony.
Simon Katz: recording engineer, mixing engineer
Chris Geller: assistant engineer
Pietro Milanesi: assistant engineer

Video by 21summit Productions
Joe Barnard: videographer, editor

MAstered by M Works Studios
Jonathan Wyner: engineer Show less
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