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Berkeley Lab

Science at the Theater: Science Remix in Richmond, CA

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Some say, "Science is impossible to understand." Or, "Science is scary." Or worse, "Science is for somebody else."

Wrong. Science is about everyone and for everyone.

Don't believe it?

At Berkeley Lab's "Science Remix" on May 1 at Richmond's East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, Berkeley Lab scientists -- with some help from the audience -- shared how discovery happens, showed what it means to you and revealed why science can be as personal as you want it to be.

Introduction by Jordan Simmons, Director, East Bay Center for the Performing Arts

Science Remix Special Guests: Sarah Richardson, Ashley Gibb, Brett Singer, Alex Zettl and Paul Williams. Show less
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What's a Higgs boson? How is extreme weather linked to climate change? If you have questions for our scientists, here's your chance. Our scientists will answer some of your questions in these two-part exchanges. And if you have a suggestion for an "Ask Berkeley Lab" topic, send them to AskBerkeleyLab "at" lbl.gov.

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It all began in the summer of 1931, when a young physics professor named Ernest O. Lawrence created his Radiation Laboratory in a modest building on the UC Berkeley campus. This forerunner of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory helped launch the modern era of multidisciplinary team science.
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