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BeFit in 90 Workout System Preview

107,874 views 1 year ago
BeFit in 90 is a FREE and revolutionary new 90 Day Workout System, available exclusively on YouTube. Take the BeFit in 90 challenge and start transforming your body today. To achieve your fitness and weightloss goals, start with the playlist for Day 1 and continue through the workout playlists for 90 days. This total body circuit and cross-training workout system includes strength, cardio, flexibility, yoga and high intensity drills. Hosted by fitness trainers Samantha Clayton and Garret Amerine. Subscribe for regular updates, and invite your friends to join team BeFit.Start now and transform yourself, only on YouTube! Click here for the complete BeFit in 90 System. http://bit.ly/xfIwnj

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BeFit in 90 Workout Day 1 Play

Welcome to the BeFit in 90 Workout System! This is the start of a brand new you. These circuit-training workouts tone muscle while increasing flexibility and are designed help you get results fast. Visit the BeFit in 90 Channel now to start the complete, free workout system.

BeFit in 90 Workout Day 2 Play

Great Job completing Day 1 and keep up the good work! BeFit in 90's Workout Playlist Day 2 is designed to build upper body muscle, burn fat through MMA Fighting moves, and increase flexibility with basic Yoga poses.

BeFit in 90 Workout Day 3

Day 3 -no workout today! Time for your body to rest and recover. This will allow your muscles recover so you can maximize results and burn more calories tomorrow. In the meantime, watch this clip on the importance of warming-up.

BeFit in 90 Workout Day 4 Play

It's day 4 of BeFit in 90. This intense series of workouts is designed to build muscle, strengthen your core, burn fat, and increase flexibility. You can do it!

BeFit in 90 Workout Day 5 Play

Congratulations! You have made it to day 5 of BeFit in 90. These total-body workouts will help you to build muscle and burn calories through strength training and basic yoga exercises.

BeFit in 90 Workout Day 6

You have made it to Day 6 of BeFit in 90! Take today off and let your body prepare for tomorrow's intense workouts. Be sure to watch this important trainer tip on rest & recovery.

BeFit in 90 Workout Day 7 Play

This is Day 7 of the BeFit in 90 System. Stick with it because these metabolism-boosting workouts will get you into fighting shape fast as you burn fat, increase flexibility, and kickbox away the pounds.

BeFit in 90 Workout Day 8 Play

Nice work! You have made it to day 8 of BeFit in 90. This series of workouts was designed to build muscle in your chest and legs, burn fat, and increase flexibility through mixed martial arts, basic Yoga poses, and total body strength exercises.

BeFit in 90 Workout Day 9 Play

This is Day 9 of BeFit in 90! Stay motivated because these workouts will rev up your metabolism through interval-style cardio exercises, build strength in your upper body, and lengthen muscles to increase functional flexibility.
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