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Underdogs | 2013 | BNC

5,090 views 6 months ago
Paying tribute to b-boys who rep hard in their region/area and should get recognized.

All video content used are on bboynetwork/BNC youtube page

Appearance in order:
Flexum (Knuckleheads Cali)
Impluse (Moon Patrol)
Complex (Dance Brooms)
Nebz (The Titanz)
Uncle Will (X-Fenz)
Agile (Floorgasm)
Atlas (True Aggressions Crew)
Box1 (The Clique)
Rasheed (X-Fenz)
Heat Rock (Cypher Sons/Del Fuego)
Potter (Suicide Kings/Project Nasty/Floor Obsession)
Kid K (Flip'd Owt Crew)
Diego (Break Fresh/Step Fenz)
Steffen (Project Nasty)
Mango (No Roots/Them Team)
Whorah (Beast Coast)
Ekcite (Repstyles/Project Nasty)
Morris (2K Tactics)
Zebra (Supreme Beings)
Tiger (United Outkast)
Draze (All In One)
Breeze (KRS/360)
Saigon (NBK/RWF)
Yansen (X-Fenz)
Manji (Floor Obsession)

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Red Bull BC One Philadelphia Cypher 2014 Play

The northeast's best B-boys will once again face off to crown the champion among them in the Red Bull BC One 2014 Philadelphia Cypher.

1st Round
Pete Nasty vs Tony T-Bags | Winner: Tony T-Bags
Kid Glyde vs Tiger | Winner: Kid Glyde
Napalm vs Jumanji | Winner: Napalm
BoxWon vs Bombi | Winner: Box Won
Diego vs Ookie | Winner: Ookie
Soapy vs Whorah | Winner Whorah
Mighty Mouse vs Atlas | Winner: Mighty Mouse
Uncle Will vs Lil Tony | Winner: Uncle Will

2nd Round
Tony T-Bags Vs Kid Glyde | Winner: Tony T-Bags
Napalm Vs Box Won | Winner: Box Won
Ookie Vs Whorah | Winner: Whorah
Uncle Will Vs Mighty Mouse | Winner: Mighty Mouse

Tony T-Bags Vs Box Won | Winner: Tony T-Bags
Whorah Vs Mighty Mouse | Winner: Mighty Mouse

Tony T-Bags Vs Mighty Mouse | Winner: Tony T-Bags

Red Bull BC One Intro/Venue Shot/Judge Calls Content by
Jey Prime (Retro Flow)

Additional content by KBE of Strife TV
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