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Bankrupting America

Federal Matters: Episode 3 "Christmas"

71,206 views 7 months ago
Uncle Beltway is back for the holidays in the latest episode of Federal Matters -- and he's brought a very special gift.

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Federal Matters Play

"Federal Matters" follows a family and their irresponsible relative, Uncle Beltway, who, like Washington, is put in charge of certain things that he's ill-equipped to handle.

Learn more: http://www.bankruptingamerica.org/federal-matters/

Detroit's Story of Business Play

We profile 3 Detroit businesses and their hardworking owners. They told us their Story of Business, the challenges they face, and their thoughts on Detroit's bankruptcy. Learn more: http://BankruptingAmerica.org/Detroit and SUBSCRIBE for new videos!

The Government Play

Follow the day-to-day office life of the Department of Every Bureaucratic Transaction's (DEBT) trying any way it can to eat up its funds in hopes of a bigger budget for the next fiscal year.

The Government web series is part of Bankrupting America's Spend It Or Lose It campaign, which includes an online petition calling on Washington to revamp the budgeting process and stop wasting tax dollars by rewarding fiscally irresponsible behavior.

See more at: http://www.bankruptingamerica.org/the-government/#.UkSZ_bzgW­6k
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