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Lepak Song Music Video - Banchothematrep

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Lepak lepak
lepak lepak
do nothing
lepak lepak
sini sana
lepak lepak
semua sama

(Verse 1)

Every time i walk pass all eyes on me
they say you so free
i said maybe
i choose to be free
wherever i would be
i choose to be me
wherever you could see
i'm just a matrep
tryna flap my gorgeous wings
tryna fly to ma kingdom
and be my own king
a crown on my head
a title on the chest
a jam on my bread
i'm feeling all the stress
what do we do now
what do you think
i'm tryna be king
as in the lepak king

(verse 2)

Stress over money
living and giving
stress over life
quiting and achieving
a number on a paper
that's what you called your money
a number on a paper
that's how i see the city
higher and higher it gets
no one gonna reach it
better and better it gets
no one can afford it
i'm living in the zoo
it's safe but i'm sorry
nevermind me you get what's the story
we living ain't happy
we living for the money
what's there to be glory
it's all a fake story

(Verse 3)

The paper gettin smaller
the price gettin higher
we used to be a buyer
we used to be a fighter
forget where we were
we lose all the temper
forget all the rest
we get all the stress
study by the books
not to be those crooks
study to survive
and to stay alive
the knowledge ain't there
but nobody care
our life ain't easy
it ain't fair
heran tak heran
perasan tak perasan
susah tak susah
hidup tetap jalan

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