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What is Terrorism?

4,094 views 1 month ago
The government has been insinuating that we, the people are terrorists and they have been humiliating us at the airports
Some are now using the terrorist term to describe things that government does to us
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Planet X Playlist (In order by most viewed) Play

Planet X, Nibiru, Wormwood, The Destroyer, Nemesis or whatever you call it, might be out there
There is plenty of evidence to suggest it is
Crop circles are most often made by aliens, because drunks don't do them very well and the messages conveyed by drunks make no sense at all
Aliens tell us the exact day that Planet X will cause a crustal shift and send tidal waves to coasts, around the world
80% of the people of earth live within 100 miles of the coast and none of the governments can warn them, because there is no place to house 5.6 billion people
The rulers have built large underground cities for themselves, using your tax dollars and you are left to fend for yourself, on the surface where hail will fall in the form of iron rocks that weigh 70 lbs each, on average
Fair? Of course not!
There is one consolation though
Those people underground might be drinking each other's piss, over and over for decades, when they discover that all those nuclear power plants have been destroyed by the waves

UFO Contact from the Pleiades - Wendelle Stevens Play

The book Wendelle Stevens is read here
Billy Meier's experiences with the Pleiadians and some experiences with those in South America, as well
Billy also has a reunion with Asket, after many years and this is a tearful event
She offers him a new arm, part organic and part mechanic and he passes up the chance to crush beer cans that haven't been opened or lift a car with one arm
What a fool!

Roswell - Alien Interview and William Cooper Materials Play

This is the book by Lawrence Spencer, editor/publisher
The book is read while the text appears on the screen for much of the reading
Some images have been added to make the story more interesting, more memorable and more understandable
In the chapters which have been completed and posted, one can learn a great deal and perhaps answer some of the biggest questions about life
Who are we? How did we get here? Are we alone? Is space travel over great distances possible? Are there planets like earth out there? Are there other people on those planets? What is their planet like? What is there star like? Do they live in a double star system? What kind of weapons do they have? What is their space craft like? Are they gods? Are they fallible? How can we learn from them? Are they hostile? Helpful? Interested in a dialogue with us? Are we related to them? Why do we look more like aliens, than giraffes, sheep and cattle? Are we aliens? Who put us here? and Why? Is anyone looking over our shoulder? Protecting us? Why did this craft crash in New Mexico? Why 1947? Where is the craft now? Have we gained anything from the study of this craft or the creatures that were on board? How many were on the craft? How many died? How many lived? Are any still alive today? Where are they? Are we immortal beings? Gods? What is the capacity of our brains? Why are we alive? Did we live on other planets? Have we reincarnated here? Why?
These are some of the questions that I came up with, in just a few minutes
Perhaps you can add thousands more to the list
I like studying history from someone, other than the victor, because victors have a bias on the tale and they always look like the good guy and the loser, the bad guy
If I could study mathematics or physics with these creatures, I'd leap at the chance
I'm trying to sort out all the lies and the propaganda of the other alien groups, because it seems that they don't all agree
For example, the Annunaki are supposed to be reptiles from Nibiru, but Airl in this series says that the Annunaki are Domian forces who are here to search for their lost battalion of 3,000 crew members, by land
The Onnes searched, by sea
The Sirians said that the Annunaki hopped over the fence and joined the light workers, in 1995 and they left the Illuminati without off world leadership, but if the Domain took over this planet and the Milky Way Galaxy from the Old Empire, then the Annunaki are still here, searching for the lost crew members, so who is lying?
The Pleiadians said that it's impossible to escape the earth and that our soul is trapped here
Airl told Matilda that Laozi figured out how to escape and even quoted some of his book, 'The Way', in which he describes how to escape the prison planet
This could be very useful information
So, when I die, should I avoid the light? Lovely music? An enchanting meadow or a garden full of wonderful edibles? Is it a trap? Will I be sent back here?
Who am I? Which planet did I come from? What was my profession and what are my forgotten skills? Am I going to get zapped with a billion volts of electricity, when I die, so I forget this lifetime? I'm dying to know!

Here is what one very wise viewer said about the series:

From: speakeezie
Date: 09/27/12
It occurs to me that Airl considered herself a prisoner and thus acted as such to protect herself without divulging anything that might compromise her or the "domain". She knew she held all the cards that her story was unverifiable, had to be convincing, would confuse her low minded interrogators. She knew the generals and intelligence officers would realise that her " interpreter" was incapable of inventing such a complex story and that this would make it appear feasible and leave her interrogators confused. After all she admitted that IS-BEs were master game players.

Her story is one of one paradox after another in which everything and nothing makes sense. Since it is unverifiable and she knew it, it is ultimately meaningless. She has quite possibly played an absolute blinder.

The U.S. Government on the other hand behaved atrociously without scruple and showed themselves to be secretive, untrustworthy and murderous. Airl gave them a lesson which unfortunately they failed utterly to comprehend then as now. These people are barbarians, totally lacking in wisdom let alone an ounce of common sense or imagination. They have arrogantly given themselves the power to decide what is best for us . They are so blinded with their own self importance they are in fact acting entirely against the common interest. Keeping the people dumbed down and ignorant or so they think represents power to them. They are the biggest idiots of all.
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