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Doctor Who: Every Story 1963-2013 - A 50th Anniversary Update by Babelcolour

339,246 views 6 months ago
To mark the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, I present every story ever transmitted - it's thirteen Doctors in thirteen minutes. The whole 50 years in a single sitting.plus all the licenced spin-off dramas which expand the Doctor Who Universe and those instances in which actors have reprised their fictional Who characters in other productions. There is no section for any other type of spoof, sketch, special or public appearance.

Update - so many people are having difficulty understanding what the phrase "actors who have reprised their fictional Who characters in other productions" actually means, I will try to spell it out a little clearer and thereby negate the need for 50% of the comments... To qualify for inclusion in the section labelled "In Character" an actor has to appear in something other than Doctor Who "in character", That is: they have to be playing their fictional Doctor Who character, which they first played in Doctor Who, in something else. That is why neither 'The Curse of Fatal Death' nor 'The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot' qualify for inclusion, because neither had any actors returning to reprise their fictional Doctor Who characters, I hope that makes things a bit clearer.

A big thank you to those who so kindly contributed clip suggestions to this video - to David J Howe, Richard Bignell, Simeon Carter and to Robert Haynes & Quinton Kyle Hoover, all of whom have helped to make this video complete.

Also a massive thank you to the very talented John Guilor, Peter Walsh and Jonathon Carley, who gave their time and vocal talents so generously for the benefit of all fans.

In response to enquiries, Tom Baker and William Hartnell were recreated by John Guilor; John Hurt was recreated by Jonathon Carley and Christopher Eccleston was recreated by Peter Walsh - three very talent vocal artists who agreed to contribute to this video and deserve recognition and applause for their kindness and skill.

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