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Motorcycle Club Anthem, "Motorcycle Lov'n", Performed by Songwriter, LeXXah Drew

31 views 2 weeks ago
A Motorcycle Club Anthem and for all who love to ride motorcycles, this song is for you!

Check Out this #Stellar Crossover record by LeXXah Drew on reverbnation and/or facebook.
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Alexis L.R. Visual Artist Play

A Rare Art, A Rare style, The use of unpopular Mediums! The Road Less Traveled! Check it out!

The Artistic Visual Side of Alexis L.R., Alexis, an agent of TINSLEY's LEXART LLC. is a true Phenom at what she does. She works in a variety of mediums and different canvases. Alexis loves to give much attention to mediums that aren't as popular in the world today as mediums such as, acrylic, tempera, MP Paint or any medium along those lines. Instead she focuses on mediums such as charcoal, conte
', kneaded eraser, colored pencil, magazine, ebony pencil, pen & ink, graphite pencil & oil pastel.

Her style is very unique in Abstract & Abstract Realism. She has spent years developing her style while doing custom works & selling original works B2B. Often times, people have described her work as, "Neatly Cluttered"! Alexis can create a work of art towards any market, which makes her very diverse. The purpose for you, the viewer and art admirer, is to give you insight and to develop a relationship with you. Anytime Alexis creates a masterpiece, their is some type of message and/or story that is told within it. She leaves those questions up to the viewer, because without the viewer's participation, the masterpiece is incomplete!

WATCH Alexis L.R.'s Videos on Youtube at www.youtube.com/user/AweAlexisWilson

AWE Steppin' 1 On 1 w/ LeXXah Drew Play

First of all, Its not dancin' its steppin'! Steppin' is truly an art in itself. Anybody can step, but to really be successful in doing it, you have to have one key attribute and that is discipline. Steppin' comes easy for some people and hard for others thats just how it is. Be determined while watching, listening and learning these videos. You can do. You just have to believe and know that you can. Holla at LeXXah Drew if you want a lesson!
Check Out EVERY WEEK LeXXah Drew's Acapella Cover Song Videos. You can DOWNLOAD for FREE LeXXah Drew's Acapella Cover Song @ the following links: www.facebook.com/LexxahDrew or www.reverbnation.com/LexxahDrew FOLLOW @LexxahDrew on Twitter
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