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Amoureux (for Lussuriioso)

1,666 views 11 months ago
[watch in HD]
- sorry it's 4:3 because I refuse to shrink the original footage to 16:9, it looks horrid

Anime : Príncéss Tútú
Song : "Círclés" by KDréww

I can explain! ...Or not.

Whenever I listened to this song I kept imagining scenes from PT and in the end I couldn't resist anymore and just edited this randomness...

Thanks to all of my beta testers (sorry Katzie and Moania I didn't repair what you told me to cause I'm lil lazy shit). 8D

This is also very be-lated birthday present for Stephen.
Check him out : http://www.youtube.com/Luss...

Dear Lover, I named this vid "amoureux" which means lover in french. -wiggles eyebrows-

Originally I planned to make you a real nice Sheryl AMV, but after struggling with different projects for weeks I decided the best idea is dedicate my PT video to you. Since you said you like betas and I don't want you to wait any longer anymore.

So happy ultra be-lated birthday! I wish you all the best. Much love and luck, because you need it. And thank you for being perfect Lover for all these months, I am very glad that I was able to meet you and that we became such good friends. I love you very much! -hugs and inserts tons of hearts- Show less
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